• Posted on July 12, 2012 7:12 pm
    By Sam

    A few weeks ago, I woke up one morning with a very sore bump under my left arm (in my arm pit). I had no idea what this was, so I decided to look it up online. After reading several articles on WebMD I became convinced that I had breast cancer and that it was my lymph nodes that were swelling under my arm.

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  • Posted on July 11, 2012 11:25 pm
    By Sam

    I was hesitant to include this section in my blog, especially under the given name. I am by no means a parenting expert - nor do I like to give advice or tell other people how to care for their own children. But I do however have a toddler, and from time to time she does insanely cute things or pushes my limits in ways that I never thought possible from such a little person. I know it's a constant struggle for me personally to look on the bright side of things when she gets worked up and throws a tantrum, so my goal with this section of my blog is to share any and all moments of triumph - no matter how big or small. I hope to share these stories with you and the wisdom and lessons that I learn from her. She really has a lot to teach me in her own way, I just need to be patient enough to listen. -Sam

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  • Posted on July 11, 2012 9:21 pm
    By Sam

    When I was in Highschool and Jr. High, everyone knew me as the girl that baked. Every Christmas I would whip up massive amounts of cookies, brownies, and rice krispie treats for pretty much everyone I knew. It was amazing how many people would suddenly act like your best friend when you showed up with a box stuffed with home baked goods! So instead of turning people away I made sure I had enough for everyone. I'd always start off with special desert packages for my closest friends - and then bake extras until I ran out of flour and sugar.

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