The Origins of The Messy Cookbook

samanthalaruebykinziefergusonI’ve been a writer in one form or another for as long as I can remember. In high school, I wrote short stories, poetry, and even started a few novels. And I blogged religiously for about 4 years.

Of course then mommyhood hit and my life was completely changed, so it took me awhile to get back to writing again. Now enter The Messy Cookbook. Cooking, especially desserts, is something I’ve always enjoyed. I’m also horribly messy in the kitchen, and well known for making “ugly” food (hey, it taste good. that’s all that really matters). So what better way to share my misadventures in the kitchen than employing my love of writing? And welcoming my readers into my crazy, eccentric life with 6 cats, an only child, and more craft supplies than my closet can hold?

Most recently, I have begun to integrate my photography skill set into this as well. When I first started blogging, I used my phone to take quick snapshots. But now I have a fancy pants camera, and fancy lenses, and a decent amount of skill and experience in wielding both. Even though I’m no longer accepting portrait clients, I still love photography so being able to create beautiful images just for me is a lot of fun.

I have also grown considerably since I began blogging at 14. Part of me still flinches when I think about teen Sam, but I’m coming around to the idea that I have all the more reason to be proud of who I am today and how far I’ve come. I know opinions and feelings change, but the one thing I always aim to do is act in love. So I do hope that reading my stories and being entertained by the chaos that is my life will help reach others who may feel alone, or going through their own journey’s. We all start somewhere, after all. 🙂

Welcome to my blog, and I hope you enjoy what you find.