A series of confessions

So I’ve decided to launch a new blog.

I tried to start “The Messy Cookbook” a couple years ago and it just never took off. The biggest downfall for me was that I just wasn’t good at taking pictures. It’s not that I didn’t like photography, I do, I love it, I just was not inclined to put a meal on hold so that I could take some photos of my delicious food. And lets face it, my dishes were often quite ugly despite their delicious contents. (what can I say, I’m messy!)

Now I’m bringing it back, but as a more all inclusive, less organized, blog with a focus on sharing and writing. And that’s what has inspired this first series!

I’ve changed over the years as I’ve grown into myself. When I was a teen, I sought out conflict as a way to flex my mental prowess. It wasn’t that I loved to fight, but I loved a strong debate and discussion. As I got older, I began to avoid conflict more. Not because I was ashamed of my views, but because I didn’t want to waste my time arguing with someone. My priorities changed. Why would I want to sit around and debate with a stranger I didn’t know? Especially when said person doesn’t speak respectfully.

Now I’m much more likely to seek a middle ground and to attempt to understand where the other person is coming from. You see, there is no need for a heated argument filled with facts when you are able to understand the other person. And when it matters (say you are trying to convince your spouse to change their minds on a certain subject *cough cough*), being able to sympathize makes you a much better negotiator!

As an adult (am I still a young adult at 25?), I am perfectly content to do my own thing, in my own corner, and let people carry on in whatever way seems best to them. I don’t like to argue unless it’s important or necessary. While I was on this path to self discovery (or whatever you want to call it), I avoided a lot of topics and people simply because I didn’t know how to handle things and didn’t like the antsy and uncomfortable feelings that needless arguments brought. I also use to hide my age from people I’d meet online because as soon as I mentioned how young I was, people would start to treat me differently (“Oh you are young yet, you’ll understand when you are older”) despite the fact that almost everyone I have ever met online was under the impression that I was much older than I was.

So what are these confessions?

They are my attempt at addressing the topics that are seen as taboo. Either by our culture and society in general, or by the culture (conservative Christian) that I grew up in. I’m not trying to rebel or be “hipster” or whatever. I just want to be honest about the path that I have been on and shine some light on the things that we are all afraid to admit to (well, some of us, depending on how you grew up and where you are currently living). <3