Apparently I'm a mechanic! Pt. 2

So as some of you may remember, I had some car trouble on Monday. When I finally went to bed on Monday night, I thought I had solved most of my problems. Yesterday I intentionally didn’t go anywhere, and today my car decided to teach me another lesson!

As I was fixing to back out of my parking spot to go visit Lonnie, I notice that NONE of my gauges were working on my dash. No speedometer, no odometer, no idea how much gas is in my car, or how hot my engine was, or if my battery has charge. My turn signals worked, but that was it.

I called the hubby and he told me to just head up to post and he’d fiddle with it to see if he can figure out which fuse it was that was giving me trouble. So very cautiously I drove onto post.

After we had dinner together (BK has the most delicious frozen Lemonade, FYI), I popped the hood to my car and showed Lonnie where the fuse box was. We popped the fuse back in that I had removed yesterday and all my lights came on. As did my radio, and my gauges and lights on my dash.

Oh and my doors could now lock too.

Obviously my “solution” to my problem from Monday wasn’t a solution at all as it was now causing more problems than it was fixing.

So together we fiddled with the door to my car as Avery played Tiny Wings on my iPhone. Eventually we found the button that gets pressed when we close the door that turns off the lights. Apparently when I was wrestling with my car door on Monday I actually managed to bend the frame of my car….so this button was no longer touching the door by mere centimeters.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have no idea how I bent the frame in the first place, and even less of an idea on how to bend it back into the proper shape so that my door would close again. I suggested just permanently taping the button down, but then I’d run into another problem of never knowing if the door was ajar, and being able to find tape that was strong enough to hold the button down.

That’s when my sweet husband made the brilliant suggestion of just taping a piece of paper or wood to the door itself so that the button had something to press against.

So that’s what I did, and now my car is back to normal. My doors all open and close like they should, I can lock my car again, and my lights turn off just like they are supposed to!

Just gotta say, I love my husband!