Yes, I have a spinning wheel

Whenever I tell people I spin, I almost always get these weird looks and you can tell from the expression on their faces that they are trying to figure out what exactly it is I spin – almost as though the first thought that crosses their mind is me spinning around in circles.

The truth is, I spin yarn. My first love is dyeing, with spinning being a close second. This isn’t your grandmother’s yarn mind you – everything I spin is something special and most of the time, one of a kind. You can view my Etsy store at  to get a better idea of what it is I do.

It was my long time friend Ashley that introduced me to spinning. Her and I had met on another blogging site, and stayed in touch over the years. She suggested that I started with dyeing, sold my dyed fibers, and then used my profits to purchase a spinning wheel and/or expand my business. I scored an excellent deal on a used wheel on Ravelry just a few short months after starting out, and the rest has been history, as they say!

Spinning isn’t the only thing I do with my free time, however. I also can crochet and tat (lace making), and I want to learn how to knit, weave, and felt. Recently, another friend and I began the process of starting a Rubber Stamping business selling handcarved rubber stamps. And I’m also hoping to one day get back to pen turning (making handmade pens) and photography – and to move into digital scrapbooking.

So if you are into the arts or any form of crafting, I hope I have some things to share that you will enjoy. If not, feel free to leave me a few suggestions!